We are committed to supporting the members of our early childhood workforce to excel in their careers. Below, please find a number of documents and resources to support your work, including curriculum support materials, information/links pertaining to state scholarship registries and regulatory details, and 3rd-party funding agreements.

Curriculum Materials:  

Characteristics of Effective

Learning Experience Plans 


Writing Effective Learning Experience Plans 

Power Point Presentation

Learning Experience Plan

Template (Connecticut Standards)

Learning Experience Plan:

Pet Unit

Winter 2020-2021 Newsletter

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Career Pathways in Connecticut -
Next Steps After Earning Your CDA 
Reading for Online Courses
Tip Sheet

State Professional Development Resources: 


- Charts-A-Course Career Registry and Scholarship Portal: OEC Registry - State Training Registry (Version 1.0) (

- March 2021 Funding Areas: FY22 Scholarship At-A-Glance.pdf (


- Pennsylvania Child Care Association; T.E.A.C.H Scholarships: T.E.A.C.H. – THE PENNSYLVANIA KEY (

New York: 

- Aspire Professional Development Registry:  Benefits | New York Works for Children (

- Professional Development Program Scholarship Application Portal: Sign In (


- Directory of State Licensing Statutes: Licensing Home Page | Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance System (

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