I live in New York and would like to enroll in your program

Great!  We are fully approved through the Aspire Registry and are listed with a ‘Quality Stars’ rating.  To learn about how to apply for EIP funding in New York, click here.  You can also reach out to us with any questions you may have and if we do not have an answer, we will do our best to find one. 

I live in CT and would like to enroll in your program. However, I'm not sure I can afford it.

It is our understanding that the CT Office of Early Childhood is offering CDA Training through two other approved agencies.  Though we are an accredited program and an approved agency by the National Workforce Registry, we are not currently listed as an eligible provider of CDA through the Office of Early Childhood.  As a result, we suggest that you do not contact OEC to ask if they fund our program.  Instead, utilize one of the programs that they are supporting so that you can obtain scholarship funding.  

For participants who may still be interested in our program, we will work with you to establish a payment structure that is manageable for you.  We want to make clear that we believe we share a joint goal with the Office of Early Childhood in developing the early childhood workforce.  We are not in competition with those we support.   

I work with preschoolers but also want to learn about infants and toddlers. I am not sure which course is right for me. 

The content for Atlas Training is the same for all three endorsement areas, except for the last Module, which is where you prepare your professional portfolio in the endorsement area of your choice. Atlas Training content is designed to prepare you to work with children ages birth-age 5. However, you must choose only one endorsement area to demonstrate your competencies. You can always come back to prepare a portfolio for a second endorsement area.

What steps should I take to enroll? 

We are here to help!  Follow these steps and reach out to us if you have any questions.
Create an account.
Choose one of three training programs (note: the training program includes all 9 modules).
Provide payment information to purchase the entire program at one time
Purchase your books.
You will receive an email welcoming you to the Atlas Training Program. 
Note:  If your employer is paying for your enrollment, just create an account and we will automatically enroll you on our end).

How do I access my course? 

Your CDA Training start date is determined based on when you enroll in the program. Courses begin monthly and begin the first Monday of each month. You will receive access to the course at 6:00 am on the first Monday of the month after you register for your course. For now, you can prepare for your training by organizing your workspace and visiting the CDA Council website to learn more about the CDA process. 

What materials or books will I need for this program?

Your books are available through the Council for Professional Recognition website.  Please log on to https://www.cdacouncil.org/ and click on the bookstore.  The books you will need are listed below based on your chosen endorsement area.  You will not need your books for Module 1 but will begin using them for Module 2.

     Infant/Toddler Endorsement: 
          - Essentials for Working with Young Children, 2nd Edition.  $49.00
          - Infant Toddler Competency Standards - $25.00 
     Preschool Endorsement: 
          - Essentials for Working with Young Children, 2nd Edition.  $49.00
          - Infant Toddler Competency Standards - $25.00 
     Family Child Care Endorsement:
          - Essentials for Working with Young Children, 2nd Edition.  $49.00
          - Infant Toddler Competency Standards - $25.00 

Books may be purchased from the CDA Council or from any other online source.  Books are required for program completion.  Please note:  You do not need to purchase the 'Essential Study Guide Bundle Pack'.  The workbook will not be used in your course. 

What is the Atlas Training refund policy? 

A full refund will be provided until 3 days after the course begins.  All courses begin on the first Monday of the month and a 100% refund is guaranteed until the first Wednesday of the month at midnight.  A 50% refund will be provided from Thursday morning at 12:01 am until Sunday night at midnight of the first week.  After the second week, there are no refunds provided for the course.

I am anxious to get started. What else can I work on now?

Becoming a professional in the early childhood field means being committed to who we are as professionals and finding ways to engage.  Three things you can work on now include: 

  • Make sure you are a member of your state professional development registry, (if your state has one). Once you have an account, take pride in knowing that you are a member of a dynamic group of professionals who work together to meet the needs of young children and their families.  Your professional growth begins now. (You will learn more about this when you begin your course!). 
  • Consider becoming a member of your state affiliate of NAEYC. NAEYC is the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Within each state is an affiliate of the national group.  By becoming a member, you show your support to those who work to keep us informed at a state level on best practices in our field.  You will also be able to access many of the NAEYC resources available to its members.  

I just need to renew my CDA. Can you help?

Yes!  Please complete an inquiry form and we will reach out to you to explain how our renewal program works. 

I am a dual-language learner and would like to take this program in Spanish. Is this possible? 

Since we know that there are many Spanish-speaking teachers and family childcare providers who work with young children, we are now offering CDA in Spanish.   Our CDA Trainer is a Spanish-speaking trainer with a master’s degree in early childhood education.  As a program director, she knows best practices when it comes to early childhood education and she is excited to work with you. 

My employer provides financial support for me to obtain my CDA. How does this work?
We urge employers to contact us directly to discuss your staff training needs.  We work with employers to place students from the same employer in the same cohort, thereby enabling teachers to share specifics related to their company with others who work for the same company.  

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