Sustained quality programming is the result of robust support structures that exist throughout all levels of a program. Through these support structures, we can identify strengths and needs, set challenging yet achievable goals, design plans to achieve these goals, and implement the plans in a sustained way. Children thrive when they have supportive caregivers; caregivers thrive when they have supportive administrators; and administrators thrive when they have supportive consultants.  
At Atlas Training, our network of OEC-approved Education Consultants is available to support your program. While our consultants do provide all services required by the CT Office of Early Childhood, our focus is on staff development, which we achieve through the following intensive components:  

  • Development of logical and clear professional development plans for staff
  • Support to facilitate staff enrollment in higher education or CDA training programs
  • Classroom observations to identify areas where additional training is needed
  • Discounted rates for our Online CDA Training Program

Consulting Responsibilities:

The consultants at Atlas Training will provide research-informed recommendations to make sure that early childhood programs are aware of and working towards the highest standards of quality for their early childhood environments. To this end, our team will adhere to the following requirements: 

Annual Requirements for OEC Licensing: 

  • Annually review program policies, plans, and procedures and will provide recommendations and feedback in writing.
  • Annually review program curriculum documents and educational program and provide recommendations and feedback.
  • Be available by phone, email, and teleconferencing to provide professional advice and make recommendations regarding issues that may arise.
  • Visit the site at least once to inspect the environmental design, monitor classroom routines and teaching practices, and review the administrative systems in place to ensure that internal monitoring systems are adequate to ensure compliance with state and local licensing requirements. Atlas Training will be available to the program for additional in-person consultation site visits as requested by the program.
  • Consult with administration and staff about specific problems that may arise.
  • Act as a resource to staff and parents of the program.
  • Document consulting activities and provide substantive feedback and recommendations to support the development of the program.

Additional Services:

  • Facilitate staff training sessions and in-service professional development experiences to address Program-selected topics on an as-needed basis.
  • Review staff professional development records to ascertain existing qualifications and make recommendations for future in-service training and professional development pursuits.
  • Periodically share information about upcoming funding, training, scholarship, and technical assistance opportunities that arise throughout the state of Connecticut.


We see consultation as a valuable partnership, and we take our consulting agreements with ECE organizations seriously. We ensure that all OEC Education Consultant requirements are met, and we provide detailed, thorough feedback from any site visits, policy reviews, or administrative support services that we perform. These services may be secured at the following rates:

  • Atlas Training will charge programs at a rate of $50/hour.
  • Atlas Training will not charge for more than 24 hours a year or 2 hours per month without the express consent of the program.
  • Atlas Training will bill the program monthly for provided services.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of an invoice.

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